December 16, 2006

Monday, December 16, 1974

Geo. class
today I was looking forward to our play in english class but when I got to school I found out some knucklehead took out our beer can and one of our rubber boots
I thought that we might manage but I found out Bavin came and horton didn't then I realized we were ruined because horton had the tape recorder.
I am very relieved because horton just came with the tape recorder. now all we need is the beer can and boots.

Reading class
I finally got through to my dad and he brought the missing things.
now we are all ready for our play.

Theo. Class
our skit didn't go as well as I had thought it would. horton forgot some of his lines and the invisible man didn't leave me enough time for me to dress up for elmer fudd.
all of the others were not as good as ours.
peter Katson does a good commercial for roy rogers. he is very funny.
the other plays were match game, C.B.S. world report, good times, and some commercials in between.
today robert bodner brought a tape of the prelude to the six million dollar man, so did meder. [?]
horton said that mr Stone got mad when horton through the door when the drunk left.