December 15, 2006

Sunday, December 15, 1974

This morning I feel pretty sad. There’s nothing to do. I hope robert or steven come over to play.

I haven't done much today to write about. my dad wanted me to go to the gas station with him and I went. while we were there we saw a man in a camper who had troubles with his ignition.
we went to the mall and watched santa claus for a while and had a slice of pizza at the Orange Bowl.
this morning robert asked if I could come ice skating with him. I had my dad talk me out of it for an excuse not to go.

I can't wait for me and Jon to put on our play in english tomorrow. tonight I picked out clothes very carefully for the play
I have decided to write to my nana tonight, I don't think my dad will approve. we called the martins and they had a pretty good hunter's hat.
I love krispy crackers.
I would like to go on a bike hike next summer. I think it would be fun.
I think I will try to break the world's record for crocheting in a lifetime. once me and robert thought of breaking the worlds record for swinging on a swingset, but we decided not to.
I can't wait to go to my grandmother's (nana) for christmas but I am against the idea of taking all the presents with us.