December 18, 2006

Wednesday, December 18, 1974

Geo. Class
Last night I stayed up till midnight, so I had trouble getting up this morning.
I think that the best present you can give is something that is practical. then whenever they use it they will think of you.

Math class
yesterday we had a test in math we got the results today, I did rotten. two of the problems I missed because I didn't see the problem right.

Reading Class
my school day is pretty much fun after I get out of math. today we got homework in math. in recess we played the same game that we played yesterday.
I wish we could do something fun at wrestling for once.
I just now finished a sra reading test
I did very well I think. we have had fun today

english Class
I think Mr. Stone is getting demerit happy. he has given sixteen demerits in the past two days. I am going to give horton a no nonsense pen for christmas, I am going to put it in a big box so he'll think I got him something else.
I can't wait for our party in geo. class for christmas.
I can't wait to go to massachusetts. we got some homework tonight, I think I will do my math.

waiting in car
right now I am waiting for my sister after her choral service. I think the service was pretty boring and I looked forward to when I got home.

I am now writing with my new no-nonsense ball pen. do you like it?
this evening I went to my sister's choir service. I think it was very boring.
during the first few songs I wandered around outside the school and scared a few people by coming up behind them silently.
the singing was pretty good.
now I have a set of pens. bye bye!
John horton wanted me to find a no nonsense fountain pen. I don't think they make them anymore because I can't find one anywhere. now that I have my new ballpoint I don't know whether to give it to him or not (. by "it" I mean my old fountain pen)
I think I will keep them both and tell John I can't find one.
tonight I finished up my B.B.R. because I think it is due tomorrow.
now that I have my ballpoint I feel more secure because now I know I can write in all my school workbooks without worrying about ink going all over the page in a big blot.
I think I am getting sick because I don't feel very good and one side of my nose is plugged up and that side of the roof of my mouth is burning as it always does when either my nose gets plugged up or it gets irritated.