December 23, 2006

Monday, December 23, 1974

My nana's living room used to be two rooms separated by a partition with a door in it.
the living room is now a big rectangular room with one door going out into the front hall and a door that opens onto the patio.
one wall is covered with a big bookcase painted red with four locking cabinets.
next to it is a big yellow, plush armchair. with a lamp overhead.
there is a big, carved fireplace with two mantles with three yacht half hulls and a round ships clock on it.
there are two couches in the room one is aqua, with four assorted pillows on it and the second is a low antique one with a black patern on it and two pillows. in front of the blue sofa there is a marble topped coffe table that usually has a flower arrangement on it.
the blue sofa has two end tables with matching lamps and an antique rocking chair with richly carved arms, upholstered in the same pattern as the old sofa.
there is a black baby grand piano in the room with yellowing keys, our christmas tree is on top of it. in front of the old sofa there is an old, worn shoemakers bench and two tables on each end there is a floor lamp next to one and a big glass bottle based lamp on the other one. the small black and white tv. is on the floor next to the end table.
there are two matching chairs in the room
they are gold, carved legs and not too thickly upholstered but are very comfortable for reading
one is beside the piano and the other is near the fireplace next to a table with a lamp on it. there is not what you would call a carpet but a big rug that covered the floor it has pink and brown flowers set in a field of bluish gray.
this morning I went with jeb on his paper route for the town crier. I just walked along with him and only delivered ten papers but it was fun. I have noticed that almost all of the old houses are big enough for a tennant
my grandmothers tennant is called bob, he is a carpenter and made nana a nice wheelbarrow and painted it red.
I just found out that my cousin Marc Bitzer, is taking a course in mechanical drawing.
we are now going to the grocery store to stock up on food.
I think I might buy some savings bonds, but maybe I would make more money by just putting it in the bank.
now I am sitting in the living room, I was reading and now I am writing. there is a warmness in the room the lights are on, the christmas tree is lit up and nana, jenny, and mom are listening to the radio.
I am afraid that this book is finally deteriorating to the point of no return. there are two alternatives, either take the whole cover off and tie it in or try to glue the binding together.
my nana's dining room is about one fourth the size of her living room. it has pinkish wallpaper and a pinkish bordered rug with white and red and brown and gray flowers and plumes.
there is a chandeleir which is not too fancy and is round with four smaller lights.
one wall has a window with all-covering wooden shutters. on the other wall there is a smaller window of the same kind. in front of it nana keeps her plants because they will get the sun there. there are two doors on the same wall which look like they don't go anywhere. one opens into the entrance hall, but noone ever uses it because of the tennants and because there is a big cedar chest in the entrance hall where she keeps all her christmas ornaments and other trimmings. right in the middle of the room there is a big table which will six as is but probably has a couple of leaves to put in if you like. the other wall has a big square mirror and some small framed pictures over the old and in very good condition silverware cabinet. then on the fourth wall there is another door that opens into the pantry. that one is never used either. and a china cabinet that goes with the silverware cabinet. it has a glass front with many frames and drawers at the bottom.
there are also some other chairs and a bench.
just now bob came down with a nice chess set made out of marble that he bought in mexico and a stand he made for it with drawers that opened on either side to put the men in when you finish playing. tonight some kids named Beth and Robie who I don't really know who they are but I have a vague memory of them and I have heard of them and I don't know what relation they are to me but they are some relation.
at first I was shy but Beth and Robbie are nice people and I still don't know what relation they are to me but we played inventors for a while and we got tired of it so we played a few jokes on each other
I took a wet dime and put it on jenny's forehead so it stuck there. when she shook her head till it fell off and I put it on again but this time I didn't leave it there, if you press hard it feels like its still there when you take it off. she shook and shook but couldn't get it off. eventually I took it "off" so she thought it wasn't there. I repeated the process but said "maybe someone glued it to your forehead" I told her to go see daddy, so she goes into the living room saying "daddy I've got a dime glued to my forehead" and showed her forehead, boy did we laugh.