December 22, 2006

Sunday, December 22, 1974

today I got up at about 10 o'clock. I was tired from the trip and from building our igloo in the snow. I think the sheets, blankets and quilts on the bed are so heavy that they practically crush you.
when I woke up I went outside and raised the walls of the igloo about a foot. my breakfast consisted of a bowl of corn flakes, milk and a cup of coffe.
right now we are thinking of going to a tree farm to cut a tree for on top of the piano. I am very excited about it.
greenfield is full of interesting people, places, and things while we were on the way to the tree farm we saw a cow barn saying mark's "mootel". when we got to the tree farm a kid gave me a saw and we looked for a tree. I hate it when a kid is in charge, it makes me feel inferior. we found a perfect tree and I cut it down. they must keep their saws razor sharp because I cut down the tree in about thirty seconds. we went and saw deerfield academy, it is an awfully big place
I think I might go there when I get old enough.
I have noticed that in a small town like greenfield all the stores have people's names, goodnow's, clark's, Joe's, Harry's and the like.
the way nana sets up her tree is interesting, she gets a big pot and stuffs it with wet newspapers and packs coal around the tree.
we decorated the tree and put tinsel on it. we had roast pork for supper.
my bedroom is a small place with a big four-poster bed and a chest of drawers in old office style that looks like it has had its share of bumps and use, and a night table to match. the chest has a mirror on it and the room has one window and a bare floor except for a blue and white worn, handmade rug beside the bed. there is a small rocking chair (which is antique like most of the furniture here) and a wicker seated chair next to the wall beside a wood toned somewhat newer cabinet.
both the cabinet and the night table have small lamps on them.
I went over to the bitzers house tonight to watch tv. and have some desert (strawberry shortcake).
when I got there I found out that memory, the bitzers dog was full grown.
I am afraid of him and I hope he will get to know me before I leave.
the christmas tree is pretty.