December 21, 2006

Saturday, December 21, 1974

and we're off!
all morning everyone has been busy packing, and loading the car. we got up at seven and I had a light breakfast.
when we finally left, we stopped at my dad's office to get stamps for our bills.
I am at my dad's office now.
I brought plenty to do so I don't think I will be bored between writing, reading, and playing games.
last night I was looking for my other thermal mitten and found my old fountain pen.
I always feel good when the car pulls out of the driveway

now we have been on the highway for a while and I have read a chapter and a half on the Silver chair. It still hasn't snowed or rained yet. there isn't much traffic and all in all the driving is pretty good. I am not bored yet but I probably will be.
the weather is cold and gray.
we just passed a sand pit and you should see all the sand in the piles. nearby there was a small sandstone cliff.

we are now passing baltimore and we are going into the tunnel, we call it the bunny holes. once one guy went in the wrong way and we were stuck inside for an hour and my nana was scared because we got home so late. this time we didn't get stuck.
my favorite state we go through on this trip is new york because of all the blasting and open rock faces to look at by the side of the road.

we just stopped at a place called The Maryland house. we were going to eat and get gas. when we went inside it turned out that it was jam packed and there weren't four seats available so we went upstairs to the carry-out and I said that I would rather eat a full sized meal at a restaurant later.
everyone has been edgy all along the trip and my dad is ruining it for me.
our car is usually quite comfortable on these trips but we are somewhat cramped because of all the christmas presents.
the weather is still good.

we finally stopped for food at one of the many Holiday houses all along the New jersey Turnpike. I ate a BLT on white toast. I think we are pretty seasoned travellers by this time, seeing that this trip is almost a migration.
I can't wait to get to my nana's house.
I am afraid that somebody will try to steal our car or break into it because of all the presents inside.
everytime we leave I am scared that whoever we hire to feed muffy will forget to feed her or go to the bathroom and close the toilet, because muffy drinks out of them.
the new jersey countryside is pretty
I remember one christmas when we got up and opened our presents on christmas and then left for massachusetts with the ones we liked best.
I always like massachusetts, it's like a trip back in time, sometimes you get homesick for some modern inventions.

now we are stopped at a gas station, It seems that we will never got to mass. now I am in the way back and I am pretty comfortable. this station is by a Holiday House.
we aren't making very good time.
I think the weather is pretty good, the sun is even shining.
the countryside is interesting to watch with farms, fields, cows and horses, and woods and houses.

we just came out of another restaurant
I had some milk and a slice of pumpkin pie, the best you ever tasted. I finished and found a piece of clay rock and a piece of white and red marble when the peice was cut it must have been on the edge of two rock layers.
the reason my writing is messy because I am in the back where it is jigly.

I am glad our trip is over. I am pretty tired. when we got here mitsy was very excited, she jumped all around and wagged her tail.
nana's kitchen is a homey place with a round wooden table and wallpaper that has cooking pictures on it. it almost always has a part musty part tiniest bit rotten, and mostly whatever is cooking smell.
she has an old fashion electric stove, refridgerator and most of the things are painted white. off to one side there is a small pantry where the dishes, cups, canned foods, dishes, and bread and crackers.
she has an old worn looking linoleum floor. I notice that she has a new clock. nana is a pretty tall old lady.
they have about an inch of snow but it is piled up by the side of the road. I hope it snows before christmas.
my nana's house is about 200 years old.
I was wondering if when nana died the bitzers would be more affected.
nana still has an old fashioned coal burning furnace but I have heard that she is going to get a new electric one.