December 29, 2006

Sunday, December 29, 1974

my bed felt very good last night.
here is a copy of the full length:

The Great Amazon River Race
It was a sunny day as Jon Raskin strode along the long, low pier, the starting point for the Great Amazon River Race. The waters of the mighty river were calm, no hint of the dangers that would face the fifty or so daring racers, ready to risk their lives for the five hundred thousand dollar prize. they came from all over the world; North America, south America, Africa, Europe, Asia, but they all had one thing in common: the desire for excitement and adventure.
Jon admired some of the sleek boats, their enameled hulls glistening in the blazing sun and their trim look.
At about ten minutes before the big moment the tension started building.
The racers were now lined up at the starting bouys, tense and ready, the murky waters slowly sliding by.
The starter's checkered flag came down and in a whoosh, a roar, and a cloud of spray, they zoomed off.
Jon stepped on his pedal and roared off with the other racers. The water kicked up by the racers in front of him was almost blinding as he slowly pulled [ahead] of the racers beside him.
About an hour later he stopped at the first checkpoint with no problems. There he got word that seven racers had wrecked, five had been rescued and two had been lost.
He thought "I've just been lucky,"
He climbed into the cockpit, seated himself comfortably and closed the bubble top.
He raced along the river, sometimes you could see the bank on the horizon, the river was so wide.
He went on racing most of the night. At about two o'clock he came upon the seventh checkpoint and decided to get some rest.
Later; he got up and found he had overslept. He ran to his boat and roared off in the early morning haze.
Jon knew he was going much too fast to be safe
Now his boat was barely skimming the surface of the water. Suddenly, as he came around a bend a giant python fell from an overhanging tree branch. It landed smack on the hood of his boat. In a moment it was on him. Here he was, in a racing boat on the amazon river, going at top speed, with a big, fat python on his neck. He was heading straight for a rock. Just as he got there he managed to get one leg free and kick the steering wheel. the boat veered off but he felt the boat hit with a crash.
Jon reached for his knife, cut the python up and threw the dead remains overboard.
the crocs immediately devoured it.
By this time, Jon was far behind the other racers. He went as fast as possible and found all of them at the next checkpoint.
He was faced with a difficult decision, he knew he needed gas, but if he skipped it he would make the lead. He decided on the second alternative.
He had gone about ten miles when he found a wreck and a dying man. He decided to go back and drop the man at the checkpoint. Jon picked up the man and by the time he started off from the checkpoint he was way behind the other racers. he took a risk and went as fast as the boat could go. Jon slowly gained until he was in the lead. as he rounded a curve he could see the line of many colored flags that marked the finish line waving invitingly in the breeze. he was about one hundred feet away when his boat finally sank from the hole in the hull he got fighting the python.
Jon was determined to win after all he had been through. he got out and started to swim. he was about then feet away when a horrified audience watched a hidden crocodile gang pull him under and in a few minutes some little pieces float up to the surface.
the end
on that story I got an A in grammar and an A in content
I had fun all day. first I went to the roller rink with robert he never roller skated before. he did very well. he only fell down once or twice. the roller rink is a big low building.
we came back and tried to set up the ping pong table but it was too big and heavy for us to manage.
Jack Benny just died.
after we gave up the ping pong table.
we went to robert's so we could play air hockey. I won three games to two.
you really need fast reflexes to win and me and robert were a pretty even match.
we had pork for dinner, it was delicious.
the skating session ends at four. I stopped skating at three-thirty because everytime I started skating my feet felt like they were on a frying pan on full heat.
when people used sealing wax my dad used this seal:
they stand for William George Davenport