December 27, 2006

Friday, December 27, 1974

we are leaving tomorrow for virginia.
I am glad sort of because I'm a little homesick. I'll bet our cat, Muffy is overjoyed to see is when we come home.
most of this morning I have been reading or watching tv. right now I am reading a book called Julie of the Wolves it's about an eskimo girl who is adopted by wolves when she is lost.
I like the writer's style. I would love to be on some game show, even if I didn't make any money.
I love to read. I must read awful fast because I have finished three books while I was here, the horse and his boy, Herbert, The Bully of Barkham street, and I am working on Julie of the Wolves.
I wonder what I will get from my aunt and uncle. also Davey.
our family is going to see one of my dad's old friends, very old, she is almost eighty.
her name is Mrs. Wells and my dad has known her for a long time.
she is very boring. my mom said we would only stay for half an hour.
mrs. wells is a short, bent over lady, with fat lips and an accent. she sounds like a mixture of english and australian. she is 89 years old. she was pleased to see us and most of the time was spent with my dad and her talking about people, places, and events they needed to catch up on.
when we got home we got supper of cold turkey, warmed up gravy and stuffing, and for desert: my sister's ginger bread with whipped cream on top.
I watched the night stalker tonight and I think I will get the book. it was about a lady vampire. I think I have developed nerves of steel from watching that show.
this evening I think I must have broken the record for the amount that was the largest winning total in The Masterpiece Game. my total was 7,680,000 how's that?
I played with Jeb and Meg
I found out Meg likes pepsin gum.
I think nana's house has just the right lighting arrangement. the light is always soft and even no matter what combination of lights you put on it is never harsh.
I can see how easy it would be to mark cards.
for some reason nana's roof has cracks running along it all over. not crack cracks but sort of like small mole tunnels and the lumps on the ground they leave.
we are definitely leaving for Virginia tomorrow.