December 25, 2006

Wednesday, December 25, 1974 (Christmas)

well today is christmas, I got up at about ten minutes to eight. my mother said we couldn't open our presents until 8 o'clock
I am surprised that I slept all night.
when I got to open my stocking I found a code book, a mad magazine, three ping-pong balls, a deck of cards, two packages of gum, an orange, a find-a-word book, a tootsie roll, and a plaster of paris cabin.
on the tree each of us got an envelope containing fifty dollars. under the tree I got books, : (I always like books), Herbert The Wolves of Willoby Chase, The Bully of Barkham Street, Kidnapped, and the three investigators', Mystery at rock city.
I got a thing called a pant-o-graph, the suitcase I wanted so much it's green, soft sided and has a lock and key. it is really a ladies makeup case. I got, two paintbrushes from nana, an acrylic paint set from Roberta trouble bubble from the Bitzers, a Chest Pull, an electric alarm clock for my room, a drawing board from nana and tom upstairs, and some other things. this christmas seemed to be missing something for me. I don't know exactly why.
all this morning it has been snowing. I think my favorite presents are the suitcase and the money. I think I might use some of the fifty dollars to buy a full-size suitcase to match.
everything outside is covered with snow it is very pretty. the snow is just right for snowmen. oliver stinks.
this morning after we opened our presents we were invited to the bitzers for a time. they had their stereo on playing music. I had two glasses of milk and almost ten pieces of cinamon coffee cake. I thought I wanted some scrambled eggs but I didn't like the way they cooked them. me and jeb played with his new cars on his racing track. those things never work, you can never play with them without half an hour's fiddling until it works.
most of the evening I read a book. there isn't much to do. I think I will play with our calculator.
not much besides the opening of the presents has happened. tonight is just like any other night in nana's house except a few new things to look forward to. I have been reading all day and have almost finished "Herbert". It is a good book but the Yadon family are just plain stupid almost all the time.
it seems very hot tonight.
I can't wait for tomorrow for no real reason.
I will probably have a nice day tomorrow sometimes I feel very depressed.