December 24, 2006

Tuesday, December 24, 1974

at all the presents on or near the piano and think I can't open them to tomorrow morning. I hope I sleep well tonight, I have a pretty good chance to because I won't go to bed until around one o'clock tonight.
from outside my nana's house looks like a castle. on the top there is a small cupola or a room on the very top of the house.
my dad promised me I could go up there sometime. I bet the view is breathtaking.
a little later me and my dad went to Barret and Baker to try to get another notebook like this one. there were a few but none of the right kind. on the way my dad told me that people in small towns are vicious. he said that that was the way it is in all small towns, if you're "in" you're o.k., if you are an outsider, watch out. I don't really believe him but he has had more experience than I have. I think the reason is that in a large town like springfield there are too many people to know all of them. we parked at a small parking lot, 5 cents for two hours. my dad let me put the money in. my dad also said that next year he might take us up to New York City and see all the big buildings and go to radio city music hall.
mitsy, my nana's dog is almost nine years old and getting lazy. she does some of the funniest things, she barks at you when you leave the house and she wags her tail and gets all excited when you come back.
not much has happened all day and I will have a hard time filling this page unless there is something interesting at the midnight christmas service. I don't see why people aren't nocturnal, but I suppose you could be either, depending on when you get to bed.
my mother and I were playing a game of spit (a card game) until jenny decided to take over mother's hand. so I quit because she has been a brat all day.
my mother said we couldn't open our presents until eight o'clock tomorrow morning.
all in all my nana's house is very homey, not like our house is, modern and informal, I would much rather live in this house than ours.
my nana said she would take me up into the cupola tomorrow sometime.
this evening we ate dinner by the light of a candle and an antique kerosene lamp.
I got to light it and blow it out. it has a small cylindrical base with a handle that has two finger holds the old tarnished neck fits into a gracefully curved glass piece with a wavy top. I would like to have one.

I am going to hide a secret message in the base of the tall green candle that is thick with the fake velvet berries of red and green it will have my symbol: WMD engraved near the bottom.

now I am all dressed up for the church service. nana and everybody says I look very nice.
the church was a cavernous place, like most churches. it had mostly colonial styled woodwork. it had a full sized pulpit, and a smaller pedestal. the minister mostly used the pedestal. there is a high arch over the platform with a lamp hanging down.
the pews are upholstered with velvet and are pretty comfortable there were holly wreaths and boughs all over the altar
there were candles all around. on the platform there is a double seat for the minister or two or three choir boys.
it had a stand in front of it for hymnals.
I put a dollar in the gold tone velvet bottomed collection plate.
here is a copy of the note under the candle: Tuesday December 24, 1974
I am writing in this note for a keepsake, and I hope after years when this is a yellowed tattered scrap that it will recall all of the good times at my grandmother's house always.

Sincerely, WMD