December 28, 2006

Saturday, December 28, 1974

we got up too late this morning.
the packing was ok, but everyone was grumpy and cross. I don't think anyone wanted to leave nana's. we are now passing snow covered slopes. most of them are covered with stick-like trees. there are fewer pine trees than you would think. greenfield must be in a valley because whichever way you look there are low mountains on the horizon.
we are having very good weather.
on the way up when we were going through waterbury, a small scattered town I told jenny that waterbury was really floating on a cloud and the town we were going through was just the houses of the people who have ropes tied to their chimneys to keep waterbury from floating away.
she knew I was just kidding but it's fun to tell her things like that.

we just stopped at a howard Johnson's.
none of us was really very hungry but we ate anyway. I had a BLT on white toast. the sun is out and all the snow is melting. I like the rhythm of the car. now we are in conneticut.

I have been trying to go to sleep for the past little while and I pretty near did it to.

we are passing through farm country. we just passed a shining lake. I saw a few boats on it but I think it is still too cold.
the sun is shining bright. we are in new york. if my writing is shaky it's because of the lumpy road. all through new york there are nice rock faces where the road has been blasted. right now I am eating a doughnut, a great luxury. I can see the tappan-zee bridge with it's suspensions gleaming in the sun. you can sometimes, on a clear day, see some of new york city around the point. I have noticed how some parts of the river look as if they were separate streams running along with each other.
I don't understand, this trip used to be a very nice time, but now both on the way up and now my dad and mom fight and everyone is up tight. we are stopped at a small rest stop and went to the bathroom. my dad said he couldn't see the road signs but not to worry.
new jersey is a pretty nice place. all the grass on the shoulders is neatly clipped.
I sort of dread going home because I will have to do a report on confucianism and I have to write an oral book report.
most of the new jersey countryside we have passed through is flat farmland. my dad said we would be there in about four hours if we didn't stop for dinner. it's now four o'clock
my dad and mom changed places and now my mom is driving. I think my dad is glad that he is getting the rest.
the sun is already behind the horizon and it is dusky. my sister is now acting like an ape. jumping up and down on the seat.
I think she's nuts.
my sister just kissed me: I'm doomed.
we are going to have dinner in a little while. I have finished all my doughnuts and my dad is driving again.
I can see the lights of a far-off city on the horizon on one side of the road and on the other side, dark forest, pine trees, probably a farm. driving at night I sit right in the middle of the car and look out of the windshield and pretend I am in a spaceship.
we are going to eat in a new place.
Description of restaurant:
we just stopped at a big building with sort of a chinese-style roof without turned up corners. it has lots of windows.
when you go into the four doors, you walk into a large tile floor patterned like cobblestones. the lobby has a bronze bust of J.F.K. in one part. there is a big gold-colored post with christmas decorations of silver garland. there are four little branches. we are in the far one on the left.
the room we are in has brightly colored orange and red curtains. it has a fairly high ceiling but not as high as the lobby's. there is a pretty plastic flower decoration behind me.
I am sitting at a brown upholstered booth. my eggs and bacon look delicious.

I am very stupid, every time I get mad or hit jenny with a good reason, and my dad realizes it, he overdoes it and screams all evening. this happened this evening.
muffy was very glad to see us and I brushed her. Carol burnett was funny.
on the way home I realized how much I hated to come back home, to school and my report. I almost cried.
it is now about one-thirty in the morning
my own bed will feel good.
I did some more of the coloring cards this evening. they are little greeting cards with blank pictures on the front you are supposes to do.
radio is pretty nice to listen to but it isn't really as good as tv. I like news better than music. music never has had any interest for me. I like some music and others are trash.
I hope I can manage to buy this pen from jenny. I even offered her my old pen and one dollar.
I am going to bed now.