January 06, 2007

Monday, January 6, 1975
well, today is the first day of school after vacation. John Horton got a real leather vest like Bob Newhart's. everyone is talking and I got an extra day before my math test.
we are watching a filmstrip on the russian revolution. Mr. Bedell has new glasses, he says that his old ones were being repaired.

math class
we spent most of our time in math class making a list of things to study for our exams. we have two weeks until exams. I have athletics right after math and I have to get to the locker room fast because my locker is in the corner.
I am going up to get my grades they are: 100, 68, 68, and ? because I was late and I take that test tomorrow

theo class
at recess we played king of the bench, which is the same as king of the hill except we use a bench.
when I came inside I was very red faced from all the exertion of jumping up and down.
This is my last class and this is where I give my confucianism. I would like to learn how to play the harmonica but I don't know anywhere I can learn.

it has been snowing most of the afternoon we have about three inches of very wet, slushy snow. my sister made snow ice-cream.
I think my dad is hard-headed and has a one track mind. he thinks he's right and no matter what anyone else says whether their right or not, he's right and that's that we have been discussing family problems all evening and I can't get anywhere with him.
I would like to smack him one and try to knock some sense into him. I give up.
I think my dad must be dense, he doesn't see what is wrong. He always watches old movies and his favorite show is the untouchables with all the gangsters. He makes me sick.
I am taking my math test tomorrow and I haven't studied. I think our family problem is my dad favors jenny and he thinks my mom favors me so he says he has to protect jenny. my mom is really neutral so I have a lack of support and jenny gets away with murder.
I am going to talk to my dad now.
my dad is really stupid.
I am already up too late and I have to study for my math test.
exams are coming up in two weeks and in math we are already reviewing.
my dad ruined my evening