January 03, 2007

Friday, January 3, 1975
today I am going to write my book report. it is going to be on "the Bully of Barkham Street". the main reason I am having trouble doing it is I don't know exactly what is expected of me. my confucianism report is due in three days and I am in a state of panic. my mom is a big help, but what might be even more help is a couple of extra days.
last night I wrote a letter to davey.
right now it is about one fifteen, my dad came home and is going to take me and my sister to mc donald's for lunch. I love the food there. I am watching the game show "What's my line?" I love it but it is rarely on when I can see it.
we first went to our old bank and withdrew all the money and closed both bank accounts. then we went to the new bank (right in springfield) and opened two accounts with the $106.00 dollars in the old account plus the fifty dollars we got for christmas.
we then went to mc donald's and then home.
robert is going to spend the night tonight he will be coming at seven o'clock.
I can't wait. it's about fifteen of six now.

robert came over just exactly on time.
we played ghost in the graveyard most of the evening and there was a brown and white cat that kept scaring us every now and then. we went over to the smallwoods house a little later and pretended we were hippies raiding the house. debbie actually threw an egg on the roof. on the way back we had an egg from the smallwood's house and debbie threw it on the street like a bowling ball (according to robert's suggestion) and it made a trail for almost ten feet with a real neat sound
we watched tv and I have been trying to clean my room.
while robert has been here I have noticed that he had particularly smelly feet.
right now robert is reading and it is 1:25 a.m.
robert has italian ancestors and he has dark brown eyes, curly hair, and he looks slightly flat-nosed.
I have found my glasses and many other old things that have been missing for a long time. good night!