January 01, 2007

Wednesday, January 1, 1975
today I have slept until almost twelve-thirty. I don't know why because I stayed up till two in the morning last night but once I stayed up until three and I got up at ten.
I have been watching the rose bowl parade all morning. all the floats are interesting. I especially liked the one entitled "How to build a better mousetrap. the marching bands were also good.
I played a game of ping pong with my dad and he said my serve was getting better. then I played my mom and beat her two out of three games.
we are now going to a movie called The towering inferno robert says it's good. It's about a skyscraper that caught fire.
when we got there we found a line all the way down the corridor that had been waiting since 2:15. then all the tickets were sold out so we left for home.
I played one game of ping pong with my mom and started playing with jenny. I quit with jenny because she is so bad that it isn't any fun.
on my sound effects tape there is a part called Cow Barn and one of the sounds is of a cow going to the bathroom.
It is very windy outside. I think I better fold up the ping pong table.
me and jenny folded it up and put it next to the wall.
my favorite tv. show is the night stalker and hogan's heroes runs a close second.
Just now I read about the civil war ironclad "Monitor" and how it was found
before this journal I started using another hard cover journal notebook but there was only one difference: the paper was thinner, so much thinner that I couldn't use my fountain pen. so I changed to this one.
I am glad that my mom helped me with my confucianism report she wrote down some notes from the encyclopedia world book.

***important secret hiding place*** important

this evening I made a secret hiding place for small things. I drilled a hole in the top drawer of my desk. you take a screwdriver and unscrew the top screw of the two inside the drawer and pull out the handle. then the metal plate will slide around and there will be a drilled hole.