December 31, 2006

Tuesday, December 31, 1974
I think I should get more sleep
I was just playing with my candle and I got pretty scared because it almost got out of hand. I finally put it out. I have been watching tv. all morning.
my parents are going to a new year's party across the street at nine o'clock. Last year my dad came home drunk. I wonder will get drunk again? It doesn't really matter, because my mother (who doesn't drink) to help him across the street.
robert came over this afternoon and I played a few games of ping pong with him. he beat me four out of five times. I am sure I will get better. he only won by one or two points each time. I played my dad and so did robbie. he beat robbie by eight points but he only beat me by six points. after that we went to radio shack to get my sister's tape recorder fixed. we saw a policeman arrest someone driving a black car for some reason. while we were there we spread some spaghetti on the wet pavement so it would soak up the water. we smelled all the flowers in michael's flowers.

I just put my new electric alarm clock on my desk. its called dialite and the dial has soft pink lights so you can read it in the dark.

Laura Wallace is baby sitting while my mom and dad are gone. when exactly new year came, twelve o'clock we went out on the front porch and banged on pots and pans and yelled happy new year.
laura was embarassed when jenny kept on yelling after we finished.
this is a first. I am using a ring notebook for my journal.
I didn't do anything on my report tonight.
I think I will start collecting pamphlets from tourist attractions.
today at radio shack I got a sound effects tape.
my dad did get drunk. he said he had about fifteen drinks. I was worried when he fell backward and hit his head on the closet door. boy, is he going to have a hangover tomorrow. my mother is with him.
I will tape in davey's picture on tomorrow's pages. Happy New Year !!!