January 02, 2007

Thursday, January 2, 1975
today is the first day I am staying home alone. my dad is going to his office and now that vacation is over for Springfield Estates school, my mom goes to work.
about all I will do today is watch tv.
I may write a story. I can write very good stories but I can't figure out anything to write about.
right now there isn't anything on tv. because there is an inaugural thing pre-empting it.
I will listen to the radio. I think it is stupid to have the same thing on all the channels.
I wish my dad would stop smoking. he says he will stop sometime in the near future but I don't beleive him. I don't think he can. just today he started smoking and coughing and I stomped out of the room and slammed the door.-let him think about that for a while.
I just came back from the barber shop.
I knew if I got in the car I would be railroaded into getting a haircut. the new man must be an indian, he scalped me.

I am pretty tired. I will finish this up quick so I can go to bed.
an awful thought has just struck me.
I only have three more days until school resumes. I'll never finish by that time. I'm scared. I wish my mom were home
this evening my sister has been driving me crazy while I was trying to watch tv.
right now I am listening to the radio.
why don't they have more interesting on anytime?
it is now about five minutes till ten o'clock.
I am very depressed this evening.
lately I have been worried that I have some disease because there is a small lump on my chest. I am scared to tell anyone.
I doubt it is anything.
there are some pretty interesting things on my sound effects tape:
a fencing lesson, slot machine, mantel clock, guinea pigs, children in a playground, and mourning doves in a pet shop. pretty weird collection eh?
good night!

I am suddenly not so tired it is now about ten thirty.
I just took my mom's newest piece of jewelery, a beautiful jade teardrop, a dark, woody, olive green with a very small diamond sparkling at the top of the unique shape, and a cultured pearl near the bottom all set in a shining, lacy, golden pattern, like a golden spider web with sunshine sticking to it. there is a life size drawing at the top of this page. It isn't very good, but you can see it if you use your imagination.

I don't like much candy. I do like some candy bars, orange hard candy, tootsie rolls, and peanut things. I love food, but one disadvantage I have is that I don't like hot dogs. this is a great disadvantage because if you are ever at a picnic, barbecue, informal gathering where they will feed a large number of people, they will always serve, you guessed it! HOT DOGS!!! I don't really mind because you can usually have a hamburger instead.
(by the way, scratch that good night on the preceeding page and see this one)
good night!

I had to sum up a lot of courage, but I finally told my mom about the lump on my chest. she said it was probably nothing, but she would call the doctor and get his opinion. I told her not to tell my dad because it would worry him. I hope she appreciates the courage it took to tell her that. I wonder if it will turn out to be something?
it is now one o'clock and I am starting to get tired again.
now that I have told you what I wrote this page for, I don't have anything else to write.

Here's what I think a toolbox should contain:
hammer and nails, assorted screwdrivers, two wrenches, wire, pliers, c-clamps, saw, file, sandpaper, steel wool, matches, plane, level, screw starter, assorted screws, heavy duty pencil, tape measure, hinges, glue, jig saw, hack saw, socket wrenches, drill, and many more tools for specific use. (forget the last two goodnights)
good night! (for good!)