January 05, 2007

Sunday, January 5, 1975
I am glad the burden of my report on Confucianism has stopped haunting me. I still have my oral book report but I can do that in minutes and it is only 7:30.
today has been a very emotional day.
I knew there was nothing to do on sundays, nothing on tv. all the stores closed, I was bored sick. my mom and dad have been prodding me all day and finally late this afternoon I blew my top. I had them really thinking I was getting sick at supper, maybe I am, I didn't eat any pot roast because it just tasted bland. I have been sitting around the house all day reading. when I blew my top I went and smashed a big apple cider jug on the patio. I swept it up and my dad didn't get too mad; at least he didn't spank me. he did say that if I have to destroy something everytime I get really mad I should go to a psyciatrist.
I am going to surprise my parents by doing my book report without their help. I figure if I can talk faster than I can write I will write for about six minutes and read it and see if I can make it five.
my mom said I had to go to bed at 10:30 tonight. I am going to pick out my clothes tonight. I will probably wear my new outfit I got for christmas.
this evening I finished my book report and I copied down key words on index cards. I was originally going to do Julie of the Wolves but I switched to Survive the Savage Sea because its longer.
I set my alarm clock at seven thirty so I will get up tomorrow.
I have always wondered how you spell the word "tomorrow" sometimes I spell it T-O-M-M-O-R-R-O-W and sometimes I spell it T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W, the correct way. up till now I didn't know it.
I am working on a boredom-killer kit that consists of a few small things to keep you busy. so far I have: one ball bearing, one piece of white fur, a big coin, a polished rock, and a heavy rock. I hope I can remember my book report under pressure.
I am going to try to find my worry stone, a piece of talc with a smooth rubbing surface.