January 04, 2007

Saturday, January 4, 1975

I have one more day to do my book report. my mom has written my report for me and all I have to do is copy it.
we got up at about nine o'clock and I had three fried eggs for breakfast. jenny and debbie tried to make croutons and finally me and robert made them.
I have been cleaning my room all day and I have it almost licked. my whole desk is clean and I have put out three bags of trash today from my room.
me and robert have played together all day. we went to the roller rink and skated. I think they give you a bad pair of skates first and if you don't return them too bad. they keep all the new skates tucked away so they won't get worn out. while we were there a person fell down and broke her leg.
when we got back, (we dropped spaghetti on the road on the way home) we played ping pong and then we got the big cardboard box it came in and we rolled up in it. when we rolled up together we could keep on rolling over and over across the yard.
I just found out that yesterday, Jan. 3, two years ago, I made a plan for invisibility using a glass box made of one way glass
I haven't been feeling too well this evening and my dad wants me to do my report tonight. I am going to do it anyway.
my mom and dad forgot all about their bible study meeting and it gives me a great chance to do my report.
my dad is very overprotective.
I am watching carol burnett right now.
I think it is one of the funniest shows on.
it is now 2:35 in the morning and I am supposed to be in bed but I am reading a real neat book.
my mom and I finished my report on confucianism, copied and all. she read it and I wrote as fast as I could. it is all finished except for the bibliography
I just figured it out,; if we went to bed right now I would have to sleep until one o'clock this afternoon to get enough sleep. I wish someone would sleep with me.