January 07, 2007

Tuesday, January 7, 1975
Reading Class
we had snow last night and it rained during the night so the snow froze into ice. I didn't get to school until 10:30- during athletics I got dressed and I found out I was too late to wrestle because my team had already wrestled. at recess the east and the west had a snowball fight. each team at one of the two arches over the doors for refuge. I was neutral. I only got hit once, when I wasn't looking. I am now in reading class because I missed geo. and math.
we are starting our SRA reading laboratory this is a new thing, I have only done SRA once before and I have never done rate builders.
we are doing our reports in theology. they are mostly very boring. right now John Leiner and peter hallinan are doing their report on Hinduism.
Hallinan isn't very good at public speaking. he knows a lot about it just as I suppose leiner does. he is the kind of person who does an awful lot when he is assigned something. In my english journal I write a lot more freely than I do in this book. mr. Bedell is a nice guy, always smiling. he can take a joke very well, unlike some teachers I know or used to know.

Theo. Class
this morning I was very glad to stay asleep in my nice warm bed. someday I would like to write a book. I would give hallinan a B- to a B because he was pretty boring. and he did have a lot of information.
Leiner has an awful lot of information and I will give him an A because he hasn't really memorized it but he knows his religion forward and backwards. Hinduism is very interesting especially how you are reincarnated.
if you lead a good life you become in a higher caste when you die.

after school
my mom went to her bridge club tonight and me and my dad, and jenny were going to go to the roller rink because tonight is family night.
this evening our family almost forgot to get our pictures taken at olan mills.
the funny thing about that is we did forget our last appointment.
they took me and jenny's pictures together. in one we were acting like we really loved each other.

I wish my mom was home. it is always lonely without her to put me to bed at night.