January 09, 2007

Thursday, January 9, 1975
Math Class
we went to chapel today. I always sit near the door because you will be crushed in the doorway when they dismiss you so I get out before everybody else.
I am now in math class, but I am not really paying attention because I never had any trouble understanding integers. I have always imagined negative numbers trying to, one day, trying to become positive numbers, when you add you help them, and when subtract it presses them back.
I like doing s.r.a. reading things.
I will have to bring my old math book tomorrow because we are reviewing for exams.
I am glad we don't have any homework until exams. I don't know for sure, but I think on exam week we get out earlier than usual.
I go to athletics next and then to lunch so I won't be able to write until reading class. I think I like english class best.

English Class
at recess we played king of the hill, this time on the low brick wall. today at lunch my reading teacher, Mrs. Price gave me her spinach to me because she doesn't like it.
we are doing more oral book reports today.
I hope today is over quickly. I am nervous about my report on confucianism. I hope we don't have enough time to do mine because I am not really ready. I have to read up on the subject because I haven't done much on it except write it.
I just found out something wonderful, when we do our exams we come to school at the regular time and we must stay until 10:30 and as soon as we finish and hand it in we are free to go and have the rest of the day at home.

this evening I took a bath and while I was in the tub I used my mask and a plastic tube and I could put on my mask and lay on my back with the tube in my mouth and I could breathe under water. I would, someday, like to learn to skin dive. ///////// ///// //////// ///////// /////////// ////////////// ////// ///////. // /// ////// /////////, // ///. ///// / ////// // ///// ///, / //// ////, //// /// // ////////.
this is highly confidential but once or twice I ran around naked in my back yard at night. when I wrote that, I felt a sense of sealing this journal because I can now never let anyo I am sorry I had to scribble that out I will write it in code on the margin. code is in secret hiding place

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