January 11, 2007

Saturday, January 11, 1975
I just heard on the radio that six puppies we left at puppy palace in the mall for the christmas holidays, from Dec. 23-Jan.2, only one survived. the owner is going to be tried for cruelty to animals. I also heard about a man who had to eat lots of garlic for his ulcer and he was fired from his job because the other workers couldn't stand the smell.
I have decided to stop collecting rocks because I keep taking them out for exibits etc. . .
I can't wait for the party to begin we went to the roller rink and I had a lot of fun but I got sore feet about half an hour before the session ended.
I loved to watch jenny skate around the rink alone. yesterday was her birthday if I didn't tell you that yesterday. when I came home I started out for a house the fire department had condemned and were burning to look for robbie.
when I came home all the girls were running out of the front door and around to the back for a candy-kiss hunt. when they finished they went inside to make caramel apples. during that time me and my dad went to the mall and went to springfield jewelers to get me a watch band. I finally picked out a brown leather one that was a snap op. when I came back we played a game where you write as many words as you can from the words: Jenny Davenport, because it's her birthday. I won with a total of 66 words, the closest one to me was a total of 46. everyone had a autograph book and a pen for party favors. so almost twenty minutes signing each other's books. on one I drew this:

as you see I left the word balloon blank on purpose.

one of jenny's friends is going to spend the night. her name is kelly. we were playing store and I was a millionaire in computo checks which I made out of paper using original computer cards as prototypes. I will write more about today tommorrow.