January 13, 2007

Monday, January 13, 1975
today is the first day of review week. mr. Bedell says the geo. exam will probably be the hardest exam. we have already started reviewing math
I am really very proud of my watch.
it is kind of stuffy in here. I think they need a humidifyer.

Math Class
it is better in math. I wonder what we are going to study today. it's exponents. it is pretty easy but I have trouble factoring fast. oh, well, I have plenty of time to do the exam. for some reason I can't help daydreaming in math. I think they picked a rotten tome for school. I think it should be more like an appointment you have to keep than an all enveloping all day thing. the math room's windows are almost completely fogged but I can see a bus out at the top of the stairs, probably waiting to take some lucky class on a field trip. I wish we had more field trips. sometimes when we go on field trips people look at us because most twelve year old boys on field trips don't wear coat and tie.
this morning in geo. the seats were turned around facing the other board. I am glad with the new seating arrangement because John horton now sits right across from me.

Reading Class
at recess it was snowing lightly. not much happened except mrs. Horton came and we talked to her for a while, me and John horton that is. I found out mrs. Horton works in the lower school library. we are doing more oral book reports. so far we have done two.
John Metcalf is doing Rascal.
on a recent spelling test I made a great likeness of Don Martin's Mona Lisa we don't have any homework yet but we might in english because the blackboard is all marked up.

English Class
during reading and english it has really started snowing. the ground is already just covered and it's still snowing hard.
one person in our class has already gone home early. whenever it snows a madness seems to spread through the lower school. everyone loves it when it snows.
the snow is really piling up here, I hope it is snowing in springfield.

Theo. Class
just now John Horton left for home, so did peter hallinan.
we may get out of school before study hall. I bet in study hall mr. Marlin will tell us about the snow monster. Here are the things we have to know for the theology exam:
1. Genesis
2.Garden of eden
3. Adam
4. Eve
5. Cain
6. Abel
forget all these because I just found out mr. Bedell is going to mimeograph them and the other 54. I think we have a real blizzard on out hands.

Evening at home
this evening I watched the premier of The New Candid Camera show. they showed a traffic cop who was practically dancing.
this evening Gerald Ford, the president. is giving a state of the union message. I don't really like to listen because he is boring. I am going to listen to the radio if he doesn't end soon.
I have just been thinking about if we did have a depression if I would have enough money to keep writing in this journal all through it.