January 12, 2007

Sunday, January 12, 1975
today I got up at about ten o'clock and my breakfast was sausage and fried eggs. I found out Kelly had never had fried eggs before. she said she liked them. for the past two days I have been making play money that I call compute-o-checks. This morning I made jenny a $100 one.
my dad and I are going to see the movie, "Island at the top of the world" about a lost viking civilization on a volcanic island.
I like my new watch band a whole lot now that It has softened up.
there hasn't been much to do this morning.
it is now 1:50 p.m.
* * * *
It was a very good movie and I liked it when they were going through the subterainean volcanic tunnels. we had tuna salad sandwiches for dinner. I am now watching sixty minutes the first part was about hawiian chinese and how they have moved up from laundrys to senators. the second part was about how Pan american Airlines is going broke
just now my sister walked in my room with a game and asked me if I wanted to play. I said no and to get out of my room. and she set down the game and came over and hit me. I got up and almost hit her, but I decided to go call my dad instead.
as usual he went from one extreme to the other, first he stopped at the doorway and discussed it with her until I was fed up with it and started to bodily throw her out. then he yelled at me and started hitting jenny on the bottom to make her leave. after that we had a very long discussion on our behavior in which I got yelled at a lot, even though it was jenny's fault.
later I watched first Kojak and then mannix they are both detective shows.
during kojak I was in my room. I got lonely so I went out into the kitchen to be with my family. while I was out there I had a huge piece of cake with ice cream that I didn't finish.
this evening I made a thing I call my porcupine because I took a cork float and put three pins for legs so it would stand upright and I took all the others on it's back and it looked like a porcupine.