January 19, 2007

Sunday, January 19, 1975
I should have written about this yesterday but I forgot all about it. yesterday evening robert was still here and we were going out to dinner at Howard Johnson's and then to Farrel's ice cream parlor.
robert called his mother and got permission to go. I was very happy. we went to H.J. and had a plate of fried clams and french fries. everyone else got a coke but I had milk. after we had finished our meal jenny got a small birthday cake with a candle, she took it home.
then we went to farrel's. on the way there we played hot potato in the back seat with a howard Johnson's balloon.
when we got there me and robert and jenny went right in while mom and dad parked the car. It was a lucky thing we did because just as we got in line a whole bunch of people came in after us. I had a hot fudge-nutty-nutty. three scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and heaped with nuts. you get a small dish of hot fudge to go with it.

most of today I have been watching tv. or reading. I am slightly nervous about my math exam tomorrow. at about 2:00 robert called and asked me if I could go to a movie with him-"Birth of a Legend" and it came along with a twenty-two minute thing on U.F.O.'s. I went with him and brought two bags of popcorn. robert took some candy bars from his house and all in all we saved almost two dollars.
it was a pretty good movie but kind of boring. the U.F.O. thing was very good.
we had a good dinner of roast pork.
I love hot, buttered noodles.
my sister is doing a petroleum report and I just finished drawing I diagram of what comes out of one barrel of crude oil. it is very colorful. I am going to bring some salt crystals that I can suck on during the exam. I wanted to watch the tv. show mannix but my dumb mother forgot to tell me when it came on.
the tv. show "the six million dollar man" was on tonight. the funny thing is, because of a change in schedule, it was also on friday evening!. wish me good luck on my exam!