January 17, 2007

Friday, January 17, 1975
today I am writing in ball point pen is because my fountain pen ran out of ink and I forgot to bring a spare ink cartridge. I hope the bookstore is open so I can get one.
right now I wish I was in Springfield Estates because the bookstore there is open all the time and I would ask the teacher if I could go.
I think I will do pretty well on my math exam.

Reading Class
today had been a pretty boring day. at recess we had a running gun battle. I had a good lunch though. soup, peanut butter sandwich, milk, a coke, ice cream sandwitch, fritos, and some water. we had a spelling test today and I drew a monkey and some snowflakes on it.

English Class
mr. Stone is giving a lecture on how we should act. he is trying to scare us into being good. he is just bluffing I think. I wish we would get on with the spelling game. I think we are going to play because there was a scoreboard on the blackboard. all the teachers must have been talked to by someone who has power, like the principle, or somebody on the school board. all the teachers have been cracking down on us.

Evening 12:25 a.m.
George Washington Carver's life is interesting.
I have felt particularly artistic this evening and I have drawn some good pictures
I drew a snow scene with a snowman for my mother. even though I don't boast about how well I draw, I don't mind showing off once in a while and I love it when someone says something like, "You want to see a good drawer, go see Billy Davenport"
I have been asked several times if I will be an artist when I grow up.
I usually answer maybe. I like being able to draw because it is a talent you can exercise anywhere. all, you need is paper and something to write with.
this evening not much has happened.
tomorrow I am going to take pictures of some of the highlights of the woods, I don't think they'll be there very much longer. I wish we could keep the woods.
I wish I could get pictures in the summer of the woods but they won't be there that long.