January 15, 2007

Wednesday, January 15, 1975
Geo. Class
last night, when I finally got to sleep I had a wonderful dream that I was on vacation.
we are playing woodywood squares practicing for our exams. we play it just like the hollywood squares and we use an overhead projector to project the numbers on a screen.

Math Class
now that we are in wrestling I look forward to athletics. me and john horton roll around on the mats all the time. when mr. Bedell says ok everybody up against the wall, we roll like balls past him. once he stopped me and said don't you know how to walk?
I wish I had kept all my old tests so I could study for my exam because almost all the questions will be off them.

Reading Class
at lunch Turtious Yarborough gave me 25 pennies, for a quarter. I had a terrible time trying to get a quarter so I could get a coke out of the machine. first I tried a few of the kids, no luck, then I asked a guy who sells milk, and then mrs Mcgee, they both said they couldn't use pennies so they wouldn't do it. I finally got the quarter from Mrs Beattie, my fifth grade teacher. I got my coke and had lunch. I split a banana with the person sitting next to me. I don't like them and neither did he so we split it in two so it would look like we each ate half a banana. today in reading, before mrs. price came into the room I drew andy capp, a cartoon character, I drew him pretty well. Steven Tyler showed me how, Steven Tyler is one of my friends that live near me and don't go to st. stephen's.
I forgot to draw in his cigarette.

English Class
mr Stone is pretty mean sometimes. I think he is trying to build up a reputation but it isn't working.

Theo. Class
I am mad because I am supposed to be doing a sheet on our exam and billy bavin keeps trying to get this book.
I ought to sock him one so he'll get the message. I keep telling him not to and even hit him once but he thinks I'm just playing. I think it is stupid to waste all your time writing notes on everything like it was going to run away. I am just going to read my theo. book over again and everything will be fresh in my mind for the exam. I am going to work hardest on math because it is the first exam and english is second but I don't have any trouble with english. I am also going to write my summary of my Geo. report on iran.

10:10 p.m.
this evening I found out today was nothing day, the only day when there isn't a holiday for anything. this evening I finished the book "the last battle" the last of the chronicles of narnia. It is the best one of them and I made me cry as I read the last part. I have never read a more beautiful ending in a book. I am always sad when a book comes to an end, especially a good one, but it took me almost ten minutes to recover from it. maybe that wasn't the right word, maybe "got over" would have been better.
I have started a biography on Gandhi. I am about to go to bed.
in the afternoon after school I played in the fish pond and tried to thaw a fish out of solid ice. I also fed the fish by drilling a hole in the ice and sticking fish food in a tube and blowing it out under the ice.