January 16, 2007

Thursday, January 16, 1975
Geo. Class
this morning I just got to school before the bell rang and we are going to play woody wood squares again. mr. Bedell just passed out practice maps.
I just finished a game being a contestant
I may end up being the champion. I won my game against Win Vining. John Horton really gets credit because he slowly nodded his head "yes" as I was thinking.

Math Class
we went to chapel today and I think we have shorter chapels in sixth grade than in fifth. I lost the championship in woody wood squares. oh, well, it's just a game.
I can't wait for reading so I can draw on the board. I have a great one cooked up.

Reading Class
today at recess we were playing running around trying to get away from David Hand. a few people had straws and were shooting spitballs. this isn't my day because at athletics I got hit in the cheek accidentally and at recess John Horton didn't mean to, but he hit me in the hip with his knee. today's drawing on the board was this:

except it was much larger on the board
I tried to draw a pygmy beside it to represent stone. but I couldn't do it right. we are still doing oral book reports.

Theo. Class
today in english we played a game like "jeopardy,"
I answered three questions and ended up with -20 points. I drew a reversible log cabin also. sometimes when you look at it, it seems to be a picture of the inside and sometimes the outside. I don't have anything to do and I wish I had brought my book about Gandhi. today I got my confucianism report back, I got a 95 on my written report and 81 on my oral.
that makes my average 90 1/3, an A- or a B+.

Evening 10:40
just now my dad got very mad and started yelling I think he is a stupid person and also a crybaby because he said after I hit him with a pillow that his ear stung, and I have been hit with a pillow and it doesn't hurt at all.
this afternoon I played with the fish pond. I wish robbie would come over.
I am very sad about the new townhouses and the destroying of the woods. now that I have seen the whole woods destroyed, leveled, on the other side of georgia street I realize it is really happening. I am going to load my camera an on saturday or sunday I am going to take some pictures and write about them.

there has been a lot of trouble in our house the past few days. I wish davey would come back, I wish the woods would stay, I wish our house wasn't in such a mess. I am very depressed
I wish I could get away and go somewhere.
I have just thought that someday I will make my journals into a book and I bet it would make me some money.
I wish my mother hadn't gone out to bingo this evening she will not be back until 11:30 and we need her.
I am going to read some more of my book:" George Washington Carver", a biography. It is told like a story and I like it.
I have given up painting but I have a lot of drawing I do all the time.