January 20, 2007

Monday, January 20, 1975
this morning I started at about six o'clock to get up at half hour intervals 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30 and so on. when my alarm went off at seven thirty I looked out my window and the snow was coming down thick and fast. the roads were too warm to have snow stick, but grass and cars were covered.

I went to school in snow that didn't cover the road. now the snow is almost knee deep, even on the sidewalks. the streets have been plowed and are like glass. I think I got a fair grade on my exam. at 10:30 when I called my dad I waited until eleven o'clock before he came because of the snow. I had lots of fun though, you get a running start and you can slide along the sidewalk for twenty feet. I think I would make a good arctic explorer because I didn't get very cold. me and my dad and jenny spent an hour getting home. me and my dad just came back from his office and the mall. we went to my dad's office to turn off the coffee machine. I fooled around with the adding machine and I have a big roll of figures. then we went to the mall and went to J.C. Penny where robert's mother works. we met her and asked for some ink. we took all she had, three boxes of washable blue. ink of that kind is hard to find sometimes. I wonder if we will have school tomorrow. Here is a poem I thought of on the way home:

Christopher Robin's life
Deep in the hundred acre wood, where christopher robin play, you'll find the enchanted neighborhood , of christopher's childhood days. a donkey named Eore is his friend, and kanga, and little Roo, there's rabbit and piglet and there's owl but most of all winnie the poo.

Deep in the concrete jungle, where christopher robin works, you'll find the grimy neighborhood of christopher iron works, a donkey named Eore works there too, and kanga and teen-age roo, there's rabbit and piglet, and there's owl, but most of all winnie the poo.

Deep in the dark and gloomy soil, where christopher robin lay, you'll find the decrepit neighborhood of a funeral's pay. a donkey named Eore rots away, and kanga and little roo, there's rabbit and piglet and there's owl, but not winnie the poo.

how do you like it?

12:00 midnight
tonight we got an official phone call from st. stephen's saying that there would be no school tomorrow. there won't be any public school either so I can invite robert over to play.
I have been working for a few days on my magic marker masterpiece. it is really beautiful. I am going to show it to my new art teacher. whenever I go.
I have learned that the way you learn to draw is you learn the basic structure of an article and then fill in specific detail.
I must be very creative, I draw and write all the time.
I can't wait until tomorrow so I can play with robert. my mom doesn't have to go to school either tomorrow.