January 22, 2007

Wednesday, January 22, 1975
today I had my english exam and I found out that the exam we missed on Tuesday we are going to make up on saturday.
here is a short poem I was inspired to write while trying to go to bed last night.

Don't waste a single minute,
don't don't let let your life slip by,
come on! why don't you spin it,
don't let the chance go by.

sometimes I get very mad at our maid, fanny, because she puts everything away where I can't find it.

today not much happened until two o'clock. then I called robbie and he invited me to his house because he can't go out.
I stayed there until almost six o'clock.
we played air hockey and then decided to go downstairs to try to fix his sister's sled.
we tried first to screw a bolt into it but we finally put in a nut and bolt and used solder all over it. we found a chunk of plexiglass and tryed to carve it into a knife. after that we went up to robert's room and got his frankenstein and dracula dolls and went down into a dark hallway and turned off the light.
we got tired of that and played air hockey trying to shoot it as far off the board as possible. then I left. this evening there has been an awful lot of trouble we went to howard Johnsons but we decided it would take too long. we ended up stopping at Gino's and buying some hamburgers. I had soup at home. my geo. exam is tomorrow. me and my dad studied until I knew all of them by heart.
my indian design is doing great.

just now my dad gave me some drawings of historic buildings in williamsburg. they are very good and I am going to try and draw some of them. I wish I had started writing this journal before Davey left for colorado. if I had I probably would have taken him for granted, like robbie. I have learned a lesson from all this. now I really appreciate the friends I have. you don't usually appreciate them until they are gone. so, in a way, Davey leaving for colo. has really done me some good.