January 21, 2007

Tuesday, January 21, 1975
almost all of today I have been in my room working on my magic marker masterpiece.
I have hardly talked to anyone all day. I have been watching tv. and not much else.
I wish something would happen.

this evening I have started to draw another picture. it is of an indian design.
I squared off a piece of paper and started coloring in the small squares to form a pattern.
hardly anything has happened today. that is why I am only going to write one page
this evening my sister finally persuaded me to go out in the snow. I got all bundled up and we went sledding down whales street.
we had lots of fun. my dad came to tell us it was time for supper so we left, towing my dad on the sled. when we got to the top of a not very steep, short hill we suddenly threw him the ropes and gave him a push to start him off. my mom thought it was funny when we got home and told her. my english exam is tomorrow. I think I will do very well. I always have been good in english.