January 27, 2007

Monday, January 27, 1975
this morning my dad almost let jenny stay home from school because she said she was tired. I think the reason is because he feels sorry for her because I don't have to go to school and neither does robbie. I have been watching tv. I will probably call robbie today.

5:15 late afternoon
at about twelve o'clock I invited robert over. I told him about Mrs. [deleted] when he came. we played around and we decided to go out on the patio roof because my dad wasn't here and it was a nice day. no wind, so we couldn't fly my kite. we played a few games of ping pong and we went on the roof. it was warm on the roof with the sun reflecting off the shingles.
we had made some muffins that we put in everything but the kitchen sink; flour, an egg, nutmeg, unpopped popcorn, poultry seasoning, pumpkin pie spice, ginger, baking powder, water, ketchup, mustard, vitamin pills, etc. . . we threw them on the roof of the house for the birds to eat. we threw rocks in the fishpond and barked at the dog next door. and we also made paper air-planes and flew them from the roof. we tried gliding my kite to the ground but it didn't work.
when jenny came home we ran around trying to get away from her. she cut her hand on a rusty nail and we called my dad. we put methyolate on it.

10:00 evening, watching tv.
since robert left I have been watching tv. or eating. we had an excellent dinner of my mom's home made spaghetti. I had two helpings.

I am drawing the inside of a space ship I designed. It is a very interesting project. I can put a whole bunch of detail.

I am about to go to bed I finished my picture and I hope my mom doesn't come here right away so I can finish writing. I don't have much to write about; here is a list of my favorite tv. shows: hogan's heroes- a world war two comedy
this evening I put up a picture of a polar bear on my wall. It fell down last time I put it up but this time I put on stronger tape. I also put up a piece of my painting. a picture of a poodle. I want to put up my national zoo poster, if I ever finish it. goodnight now.