January 25, 2007

Saturday, January 25, 1975
I think I did better on my Reading exam than on any other exam. I am glad I got monday and tuesday off. I have decided not to go to the roller rink. I am now watching star trek. I found out that it is on. for a long time I thought they had taken it off the air. there isn't much to do.

not much has happened today. I wish robbie would call. the weather outside is terrible, raining and it is all cold and wet. I remember last summer when I got the idea of painting the patio walls, one day me and robbie spent the whole day painting that wall. I am glad we did it because now our patio has more color. I remember that day, the smell of turpentine all over everywhere, paint spots on the newspapers, and me and robbie painting away in the middle of all this.
I remember the day we had the annual fourth of July party in our back yard. we have one every year, all the people on Burwell st., and it is a somebody's house every year. we had it for two years in a row. I remember that day, we had borrowed picnic tables, grills, beach chairs, and everyone brought a big bowl of something, potato salad, meatballs, potato chips, and dips, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, everything imaginable. no matter what you were doing you always had something to eat in your hand or waiting for you at a table. us kids played tag, ate, and in general had a ball all day. that evening at almost nine o'clock the party was still going. hamburgers being cooked by candle light, I had a small old-fashion lantern.
people were sitting in chairs, bathed in our green floodlight, thoroughly stuffed. everyone was happy. then we got all our fireworks and went out into the street, which is very nice because everyone gets to see everyone else's fireworks we get to see everybody else's and they get to see ours.

right now I am listening to a record of the sound of music. we watched the movie about a year ago and it was very good.
today robert called me up and said he had something to show me and he will bring it right over. It turned out that he had some toothpicks that he made taste like candy cane flavor. I don't like mint so I didn't like them. he stayed quite a while and we played ping pong and I beat him. we played in the fish pond. then we got out a pair of hammers and were throwing them at a big, old tree in our back yard and seeing how many dead branches you could knock off at one time. this evening some of our friends, the drakes, are coming over, as a matter of fact they just came. they have three children, ann, susan, and John. John is pretty nice. I am glad they came because otherwise it would be a dull evening.

John and me played a game of ping pong he beat me both times because I couldn't see the ball. there isn't much to do. right now I am watching the Mary Tyler Moore show.

I will be very glad to go to bed tonight. I will probably be asleep in less than a minute. even though I went to school this morning it has still seemed like saturday.
John Drake was playing the inventors when he had to leave. I won. I have been reading about Benjamin Franklin and I have been wondering that if I ever become famous I will have a more detailed biography than anyone else.
someday I may be famous. I have the brains for it. I am glad I don't have to be wakened up tomorrow morning for school.