January 26, 2007

Sunday, January 26, 1975
12:00 today is my dad's birthday. he isn't having a very happy birthday because there has been a lot of screaming all this morning. It's all my fault. I can't ever say anything or express an opinion without touching of a screaming match between my mom and dad, jenny the brat, and me.
my sister makes too many cakes. she thinks she is better than anyone else because she can read the directions on the just add water. eggs, and milk, and bake cake mix.
I'd love to take her down a peg or two.

just now robert left. I called him on the phone and he came over here practically before I hung the phone up. he brought some kite sticks from his old kite so we could fly mine. we went down to the school field and flew the kite. It went up very fast. there was a good wind blowing and the kite flew nicely. all the while we were there I had a sense of companionship. what made us come home was the string broke on my kite and it went over the school building. we dropped the string and ran after it. we found it caught in a tree across the street from the school. we crossed the street and went up to this tree, where the kite was wildly looping on a five foot piece of string. we finally grabbed it on it's downswing after jumping at it and ducking to get out of the way. I think it was the most fun time we had flying the kite.

when we got back to my house we asked my dad if he would get us slurpees. he would so we hopped into the car and went to seven-eleven store. on the way we dropped some spaghetti pieces on the road. that reminded us of the time we both had squirt bottles and on a trip somewhere we squirted passing cars. we giggled all the way. when we got back to my house we threw the hammers at the tree some more and one is still stuck up there right now.
me and robbie were looking through some old issues of "oceanology" magazine and we found an add for paper you can write on underwater. it had a test sheet attached and we tried some. it worked. It's amazing how tough it is. you just can't rip it.

9:45 [this segment edited]
this evening I have been watching tv.
I just found out [name deleted] and [name deleted]'s mother killed herself. It may be that her husband murdered her because what they say happened is she went to the father's apartment (they are separated) to scare him. then she went to the garage and killed herself with exhaust fumes. the funeral is supposed to be on tuesday at eleven o'clock.
until now I didn't know that they were brother and sister. He writes a small newspaper. I suspect that my mom is the only one who receives it because mom is his second grade teacher. boy when I think of that little second grader who just lost his mother and who doesn't have a father to keep him. I think this would make a nice detective story. I would have the husband murder the wife and my detective would track him down. robert will want to hear about this tomorrow.

not much happened since I last wrote.
I was going to watch mission impossible but I missed it because I was reading my mom's term paper on a three hundred dollar kindergarten.