January 28, 2007

Tuesday, January 28, 1975
this morning I got up and have been watching tv. most of the morning. I am drinking A and W root beer. it isn't really like the A and W you would get at a drive in. we don't have a drive in anywhere near us. the only one I've ever been to is in Greenfield, Massachusetts where my nana lives.

5:30 watching tv.
this evening robert called and he came over here. I almost never come to his house. when he got here we went out on the patio roof and put blankets and pillows out and read in the sun. I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we ate them out there too. I forgot all about the cold spaghetti in the refridgerator. me and robert, while still on the roof, called to brandy, a neighbor's dog from across the street, and gave him the crusts of our sandwiches and what was left of our milk. then we went inside.
we played a few games of ping pong and he won two out of three games. I think the reason is because I was playing a more offensive game.

I remember last summer when me and robert would go over into the woods and collect dry grass to go feed the shetland pony that lives on georgia street. all you have to do is go up to the barbed wire and call him. he will eat right out of your hand. Once we fed him an apple. we fed him some sugar once too.

this evening I have been watching tv. I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow. while I have been home for four day and it seems like a holiday and like it would go on for ever. I don't know how to ask my dad if we could make some kind of fort or build a clubhouse on the roof.

this evening I have been drawing visualized words. The word fat is written [FAT], [THIN] tonight I finally got jenny to give me her no-nonsense fountain pen. I gave her my notebook in exchange for it. it is funny, her reasons were; you never use it, why don't you give it to me?, and my reasons for her to give me the pen were; you never use it, why don't you give it to me? so I worked her into a corner so she gave up. I have started writing pencil names again. you would be amazed what some people name their pencils, Black Diamond, Traffic, Rippowam, Great Western, and many other crazy things.
I don't think that the magic marker is a recognized art medium, like paints, or charcoal. that is the reason most people wouldn't think I have a lot of talent. I am very creative. I write and draw, but I can never think of any good storys.