March 28, 2007

Friday, March 28, 1975

this morning I got up about 7:00 and decided it was too early so I went back to bed. I just get up again and I found out aunt Meg was here.
yesterday, we thought she might come. now she has.
this afternoon a little after twelve me, nana, aunt meg, jenny and my dad went to a place overlooking the whole town called the Scotch Mist Restaurant.
we had a good lunch. It looks like you are on top of the trees. we left there and were on our way to gould's sugar house because we wanted some extra maple sugar. we stopped by the side of the road on the way so I could get some rocks. I found a nice vein of smoky quartz and spent fifteen to twenty minutes with my hammer and chisel chipping it out. we went on to gould's and there I picked up a box of small maple sugar candies.
when we got home I played with jebby a while until we went to his house for dinner.
I had two egg salad sandwiches and a salad and milk. I went into the tv. room and we watched the night stalker. after the night stalker was over we had to go home. now we are packing for out trip tomorrow. I have been admiring my pocket knife I found in the tool chest downstairs that belonged to my great grandfather. it is a sailors knife.