March 21, 2007

Friday, March 21, 1975
7:00 am.
today I asked to be waked up at 6:30 so I would have time to write my book report. I have just finished and I am going back to bed for a little more sleep.

today we are still listening to reports. I am listening to one about pyramids. today I gave mr. bedell his egg. he liked it.

today math is like recess. everyone is hiding each other's bookbags. It looks like everyone is going mad. I don't think anyone is standing still. I have hid a few bookbags. peter katson's books are on the bottom shelf hidden by my desk.

I don't have an egg for mr. thompson, our science teacher. he always gets right down to business, so I don't have much time to write.

today at the end of study hall we went out in the hall, where the water fountain was squirting three feet. tomorrow we leave.