March 16, 2007

Sunday, March 16, 1975

this morning there has been a lot of trouble in our house. my mom got very mad at me because I couldn't take my pill. Jenny has a report due tomorrow and she isn't helping the situation any. she has been whining around the house. I am going to get dressed and leave the house as soon as I can. One problem, I have an ear infection and can't go outside. my dad thinks he knows what I think. he always speaks for me and he doesn't know what I think. I think child psychologists are pretty stupid if they told my dad how to handle me. I have only been to one of them, so I could get my I.Q. measured for entrance into st. stephen's. most small kids of 3 and 4 years old are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. there are a lot of stupider adults.
lately I have been more easily depressed by the thought I will eventually die. I really wish I could live forever, or else be remembered by people for something

for the past almost an hour, my dad has had me sitting on our couch. Me and jenny were playing around and my dad got mad and told us to sit on the couch. he sat there and made sure we had nothing to do. then I put some pressure on and said, well, I'll just watch you sit there and not get up while we do. and of course that made him get up and leave. for the next ten minutes me and jenny played 20 questions while he was gone. when he came back both me and jenny started twiddling our thumbs, I thought I would burst into laughter at his infuriated expression. his whole idea was to keep us there until we begged to get up, but I just kept smiling and it drove him crazy. I finally won. he just couldn't stand it any longer. while I was sitting down, my dad called me to take my pill. I took ten minutes to "get it down" when I had really done it on the first swallow.

today my dad has been very unfair. just now he took away my squirt bottle, and I hadn't done anything.
I got mad and told him he was unfair, and he threatened me, I just told you I wish I could live forever, but sometimes I think about how sorry he'd be if I died. I am not talking to him.

this evening I took my medicine pretty well, on the third swallow.
after about ten minutes of not talking to my dad, he cracked and tried to make up by asking me to go to the mall with him. I agreed and got dressed. by the time we were ready to go we only had a half an hour so we stayed home.
this evening I made some of my coin cleaner and cleaned up a few pennies. I am going to send my coin cleaning formula into some magazine, it is only sani-flush and water.