March 08, 2007

Saturday, March 8, 1975

this morning I was so worried about the bird I got up at 8:00, It was almost an hour and forty-five minutes when my mom finally got up.
Lately, I think I have been sort of neglecting this journal as you can see from yesterdays entrys.
Yesterday when I got home robert came over. We were supposed to go pick up the bird from the vet's at five o'clock. we went and the doctor gave us quite a talking to about the responsibility we had taken on. we have to give the bird his medicine (three drops from an eyedropper) three times a day. we left and went to the pet store because the doctor had said we could never let him go. we got a nice big chickenwire one with a wooden frame.
we got home lined it with newspapers and put food, gravel, water, and the bird in. the doctor also said that if he didn't learn to walk with his bandage in 36 hours we would have to cut it back.
This morning we gave him some medecine and we also gave him and eyedropper full of water.

today robert came over and I told him the good news about the bird. Today I found the bird standing in his food, there was birdseed in his water, which means he's been eating. once today me and robert let the bird run around the floor for exercise.

this evening I wrote about seven pages, which is five pages of double spaced typed page. my mom and I had no trouble giving the bird medecine this evening.
Today when the movers came and brought my dad's office furniture they also bought a plant. it is now in my room and I am sure some time tonight it is going to scare me to death because I don't remember what it is.
I am about to go to bed. I almost didn’t' finish this entry because I wanted to sleep but thats why I am getting lazy in writing.
sometime I am going to copy that report into here.