March 03, 2007

Monday, March 3, 1975
today I left my book just by accident in the math room and someone read it. as a matter of fact a few people read some of it. namely derek smith and jim cranwell, and gordon labow, as far as I know. I am surprised how many people would poke around in this book, even though they know it's mine and I don't like people to read it.

today in english we started planning our first literary magazine. I vouluntered to illustrate, and help make the cover design. me and Win Vining, who is pretty good at drawing, is doing both of them too.
Today at recess I had a fun time. we played tag.
I had a good lunch of soup and a peanut butter sandwich. I noticed now they give you a whole bowl of soup now on days when they give out cups of soup.

Study Hall
not much has happened today at school. I wish I had something to look forward to when I get home.

This evening Laura Wallace came over to baby sit and help jenny with her homework. I found out me and Laura have some things in common, we both like dry noodles for snacks, I found out she has a lot of musical talent and she took one of my chalk drawings to put on her wall. I could tell you a lot more about her, her family, and even though her little brother's a pest, she manages to live with him I don't know how.
Here goes:
Laura Wallace is very mature for her age, I have seen people who think they are, but she really is. Laura has blond hair, regular height. she goes to francis scott key intermediate school. she is very intelligent, maybe even more than robert. she has musical talent, plays the guitar, and sings in her school choir.
Laura has a brother named timmy. he is sometimes refered to as the terror of the neighborhood, because he is always doing something, or pretending something, usually with steven smallwood, debbie's little brother. he is typical of an active kid in the stage where pretending is big.
I don't know much about her parents, but her father rules the house and sometimes steven smallwood.
Laura can draw some, but not much. she also writes stories and plays, none of which I have read but I am sure they are quite good. she has told me that she has written quite a few songs, and that music puts her into a sort of a trance while she listens, I guess some people are music lovers.
Well that's about all I know about Laura Wallace. I have never really liked music and it has never had almost any affect on me, although some-times I get in the feeling of the song especially if it is a forceful tune or a march.
Not much else has happened this evening and I don't have anything to write anymore, so good night!