February 22, 2007

Saturday, February 22, 1975
2:00 this morning I got out of bed at 10:30. I had two pieces of peanut butter toast for breakfast and I called robert to see if he would like to go to the roller rink. he said he had the flu.
It looks like one of those nothing-to-do days. I hope something interesting happens.

I just played my dad two games of ping-pong. I beat him 16-21 and 13-21. he says my game is improving tremendously.

me and my dad just came home from the mall. while we were there I went to the collector's cabinet and found a beautiful piece of iron pyrite, selling for $125.00. we also saw some new green scarab paperweights and a big south american leaf bug six inches long. I told my dad that the collector's cabinet was a non-profit shop where former drug addicts could find work. my dad and I have been seriously considering joining the explorer guides.

me and my dad played a game of chess and he beat me. I was upset and then we played ping-pong. he said he was playing as hard as he could and I accused him of lying.

just now suddenly my parents have gotten the idea we could go to farrell's, we are about to leave.
I have really gotten good at playing jacks. I can now pick up two jacks, three feet apart, at the same time.

At Farrell's
Farrell's ice cream parlor restaurant is modeled after something out of the 1920's. They beat a bass drum and blow a siren whenever some big sundae is served. They have a thing they call the pig's trough, made of six scoops of ice cream they give a prize if you can eat it all. we saw three teenagers who were getting it. Farrell's celebrates more birthdays every evening than probably all the other local restaurants combined. I remember once I got a zoo, which was a big mistake. It all melts together and gets sickening.
Our waiter's name is Jeff and he is wearing a whole bunch of buttons on his vest. I have just seen an example of how fast this place runs. A family finished and left, the table was cleared and wiped, more customers were seated and given glasses of ice water, all in less than 30 seconds.

the hot fudge nutty-nutty was good, and very delicious. I have noticed that sometimes you can eat one with no trouble at all, and sometimes to never end, I wonder why.

*Explain theory of beam of light tomorrow