February 12, 2007

Wednesday, February 12, 1975
I got up late today and found it wet and rainy outside. oh well, I can't go outside anyway so it doesn't affect me at all.

this evening I feel very pressured to do all of my homework. I wish I didn't have to.
today our maid came. I tried not to get in her way. when she cleaned my room I went out to the kitchen.

I have to write quick because my dad is putting me to bed in a few minutes. he is convinced I can go to school tomorrow, which is a fact I am not happy about. he wrote me a note of absence excuse and added that I am not supposed to have athletics all week because the gym is cold and I still am susceptible to disease. wouldn't it be awful if I had just gotten over the flu and went out and caught it all over again? thats what might happen.
today I have been occupying my time making valentines for my classmates. I made quite a few. I started giving everybody one, but then I decided it was too much work for some of the rotten people and only did people who were anything but rotten. of course the ones with names that reminded me of something were easier to do, but on the ones with hard names that I liked I would really try. I did one for billy bavin that had a bug saying: from one pest to another good luck on valentines day, inside it read: with a face like yours you'll need it. I enclosed a candy saying: "good luck."