February 05, 2007

Wednesday, February 5, 1975
this morning I woke up at nearly eleven o'clock. I had breakfast and have been reading since then. robert came over and I am glad because otherwise it would be a boring day.

well, we have spent four hours building our snow fort. I am going to take a picture of it. It isn't really a fort, it's a fortress. we have enough snowballs stored up so we could keep fighting for a few hours.
when robert came over we immediately started work. it was amazing how that snow stuck together. you could start with a small snowball and it would be three feet across after you had rolled it fifteen feet. we worked on and on and we decided to try to make some maple syrup on snow. It felt very good to be inside and warm without a heavy coat on. the sugar on snow didn't work, the snow melted when you put the syrup on it. I had a couple of spoons of peanut butter. we went back outside and worked until out toes practically fell off. I think it is very good. it is quite an accomplishment. robert has gone home. I am glad to be inside.
me and robert were going to absolutely blast jenny and Debbie when they came by. but we got very cold and had to come in.

I can't wait for tomorrow so I can tell robbie about jenny and debbie are building a snow fort right across from ours, right within throwing distance. they giggle so much they never get anything done. they never would have gotten anything done if I hadn't helped them. It will be so much fun to cream them in snowball fights. this evening I finished filling all the shelves in our fort and filled all the underground storage holes to the brim. then I came in.

my sister never does what she is told. that causes a lot of trouble. my dad says it's my fault whenever she causes trouble.

this evening my dad is in a very bad mood. he has tried to punish us twice the second time he was going to punish us I didn't do anything. you notice I always say he punishes us. he never only punishes one or the other. he always avoids the desicion. I think I had better do my homework.

this evening I did my math homework a little late. I was sitting there doing it, sort of half-listening to jenny studying. I learned a lot about turkey and how things in a small turkish village work. I remember that I learned a whole lot about balboa, and other early explorers in 4th grade from listening to the 5th graders studying them. I can't wait to go on the field trip tomorrow. It will be so much fun.
I am thinking of bringing my tape recorder. should I?
I think it may fit in one of my jacket pockets.