February 01, 2007

Saturday, February 1, 1975
10:00 am.
I am about to watch star trek on tv. I was prepared for it this time. oh, well, almost prepared, because it's on at eleven o'clock. oops! another mistake. right now I am watching scooby doo until star trek comes on. this morning I have been playing with my tape recorder. last night when me and my mom were at drug fair we found out that you couldn't find any ring notebook around the store because the ring notebook people stopped producing.

well finally I am watching star trek. I haven't had any breakfast yet. I don't know exactly what to eat. I may have one of my creations made of fried eggs, bacon etc. . . on toast.

robert just came over

robert came over about 1:15 he said he had something to show me. he said that it was broken into pieces, when he came over we played twenty questions about it. It turned out to be some iron pyrite that he had dropped by accident. the amazing thing about it is that when he dropped it it just disintegrated. he was very nice and he was giving the bottle of pyrite to me. I used to have a beautiful thing of pyrite crystals that I got in either second or third grade from paul martin for a little plastic monster on a bouncy string. me and robert played a game of ping-pong and he beat me by three points. we are now going outside to get away from my stupid sister that is reading at the top of her voice.

robert just got a telephone call from his mother to leave for home. we had been swordfighting out in the backyard when the call came. we both had sticks and were picking up a whiz-ring on them and would swordfight to got it off each other's sticks. I am looking forward to watching the tv. shows that are on tonight. before me and robert were swordfighting we were in the family room eating the unpopped popcorn that wasn't hard. we played played around and spilled all the kernels on the floor. we were throwing them at ach other in an out and out friendly war. we finally finished and pushed all the kernels under the couch.
I still have a lot to do on my geo. workbook. I only have this evening and tomorrow to do it. I don't think I describe things too well in this journal, mainly, since it is a ring notebook I can't take it with me as many places because I have to have something to write on. with my old journal book I had a hard cardboard cover to write on.
soon robert is going to have his confirmation, and when he has the party he will be sure to invite me. I may sound greedy but I'm not. it's just that I'm excited.
It has been snowing a little all day. I wish it would stick.
while robert was here we were outside and decided to try some of the ice that has formed on the tree branches. It was very good we ate some off every tree in out yard. when we got back in we told everybody we had been eating the bark because if you were looking out the window at us they might have thought that. while I was down there eating with robbie I felt like a contented beaver nibbling bark of a tasty tree.

this evening my mom and dad went over to howard johnson's to talk to bill crocket who works there. while they were gone they left me and jenny home alone. jenny was playing with me, trying to knock me off the couch. right now my mom and dad are at a bible meeting down the street.

1:00 am.
this evening we have been watching tv. after the Carol Burnett show I came into the living room and read some of my book. me and jenny had a space war on paper. she quit, accusing me of cheating, but she is only a sore loser.