January 30, 2007

Thursday, January 30, 1975
today I am staying home from school. I have my bed all fixed up with pillows and a table at the bedside. I don't feel too bad but I really may have the flu. my dad is going to get me a book from the bookstore in the mall for my book report.
8:00 p.m.
It turned out that I don't have the flu. It was just exhaustion. I have my poster book report on the book gold. tonight I had one of my own creations for dinner bacon, a fried egg, and a slice of cheese on toast.
Here is a personality thing I had to do for my english exam. I did it on Bobby Curtis. I hate him. oops! I forgot mr. stone took back all the exams. oh, well, I'll write it in when I get it.

there hasn't been anything on tv. so I have been reading my book report book. It is pretty good.
I like it because it tells you a lot about how mining is done and terms used in the buisness. the author must have spent a long time studying mining or else works or used to work in a mine.
I have film for my camera and I hope I will get pictures of the woods tomorrow.