January 29, 2007

Wednesday, January 29, 1975
Geo. Class
from today until the end of the year we will be having science instead of theology. today is the first day of the second semester. I don't know who will be my science teacher. I am very good in science. Mr. Bedell is passing out exams today and I am very anxious. I got a 92 on my geo. exam. EXTRASUPER!
I always read science when I was in public school. I know countless little tidbits of information. I can always use some of it to correct someone. I have always loved to correct my teachers. last year in fifth grade we had a question on one test that said, How do scientists tell the age of rocks? the answer the teacher wanted was "Carbon 14 " or "raidiocarbon." if you know anything about geology or archeology, you know that the carbon 14 test can only tell the age of something that was once alive, not rocks.

Math Class
I have a feeling I am going to fail in my math exam. Mr. Lichfuss said there were two people who got 40's. I hope I'm not one of them. Mr. Lichfuss talks much too fast for me to learn anything. now I am stuck with homework I don't know anything about.

today after lunch I got myself a three subject notebook for science. I may get myself one just like it for my next journal. Today we are going to meet Mr. thompson. he is a nice man, but a little old. he is also an athletic coach. I think he has a tendancy to lecture. He can keep your interest. He said that we should use pencil because you always have a pencil and not always a pen. that's what he thinks. I always have my pen. I'm never without it. we have science in our math room. he always sells the football equipment. I always thought he was just trying to sell the equipment but he just naturally lectures.

English with mr. STONE
I got an 88 on my english exam. that is pretty good but I should have done better. I probably could have gotten a 94 or 5 if I had been more careful. His exam was much too long anyway.

Reading class and spelling with mrs. Price
we got our reading exams back today. I got a very good 96 on it. I think if I look at one of the work sheets I may be able to get a 97 or 98. I will be glad when I get home from school.

on the way home we stopped at the chrysler garage. some fire truck knocked off some of the chrome siding on the car.

when we got home me and jenny went down to fly my kite. the weather has been almost 70 degrees outside. we went to the lee high school field. we met robert there. he was investigating a small fire, or the ashes, in the woods. we had a hard time getting the kite down. I finally dived it into the ground.

we went to robert's house and decided there wasn't anything to do. so we went and called jenny from the playground and jenny and me went home. me and jenny went outside the smallwood's house to look for praying mantis egg cases on the weeds in the field in front of their house. we didn't find any. later, robert came over and we played. we played a few games of ping pong and he went home.

for my next book report I am going to do a book called "gold" mainly because I am supposed to advertise a book and "gold" is a good four letter word that I can write in stone carved letters.

I have been feeling hot all afternoon. I may be coming down with the flu. I am going to go to bed now and I may read a little before I go to bed.