January 31, 2007

Friday, January 31, 1975
geo. class
today when I came to geo. class the room was redecorated with a new map of the world and a bunch of things around it all on a green cloth. we are planning to go to the national gallery of art to see the chinese things. we are going to go next wednesday.
I just found out that I got an awful grade on my math exam: a 64 that's a "D" oh, well, Benjamin Franklin flunked math. I will probably have to go to summer school.

Math Class
I hate myself for my math exam grade. I am thinking that if I only had gotten four more problems right I would have passed.

Science 12:05
I don't have my science book yet. I am lost because I missed a day of school. when you are in school you think that you do the same thing every day and if you missed a day it wouldn't mean a thing, but when you actually miss a day you find out you really miss a lot. science is really pretty interesting. I have just caught up on my science notes. we are talking about the needs of living organisms.

this evening my mom and me went to safeway to get bread and milk. we also got cat food, poptarts, and lemonade mix because I decided that lemonade would be a lot cheaper than pepsi or coke while we are watching tv. I am working on my geo. workbook. I am on page 11. me and my mom went to drug fair and I got bought five hard-backed journals that are just what I want. I am still reading the book "gold". I watched the night stalker and it was about a headless motorcycle rider that went around chopping off people's heads with a sword.

on our field trip on wednesday I may bring my tape recorder to the museum. we are going to do the art of china. mr. Bedell says chinese history is very simple chronologically because it is all sectioned off into dynasties. right now my mom is about to put me in bed. if I hurry! she is saying I will have to put myself to bed if I don't get ready quickly.
this evening jenny got a pocket instamatic camera for her birthday. she gave me two of the stickers that were supposed to go on it. today I have been dreaming about a thing I want. I would like a cape made of a brown or gray color with a rain hood. I would also like it to have lots of big pockets-inside the color is so it can't be seen at night and I would like it to be waterproof outside it would be the perfect thing to wear in the woods.