February 02, 2007

Monday, February 3, 1975
Geo. Class
this morning I had a pretty tough time getting out of bed because I stayed up until one o'clock reading my book. we are starting to study china in geo. I wish we would have a few days when we don't do anything. I am one of the few people that have completely finished their geo. workbook.
right now I am working on some notes we're supposed to take. I am ahead of many people.

Math Class
today my dad had a conference with my math teacher. I hate it when, after a conference, the teacher pays special attention to you, It's embarrassing. I wonder if the conference had any effect on him.
today is the day when I change sports, from wrestling to basketball. I hope basketball is more fun than wrestling because wrestling is boring. last year it used to be a lot of fun wrestling. mr. Bedell is wrecking it.
I feel guilty about my grade. I am going to make a real attempt to improve it. right now I'm lost. we are doing one of the things I don't understand. I wish that if you miss one thing you are behind all the time. like right now, the thing we did that I didn't understand about a month ago. mr. lichfuss won't explain it.

at recess we played some cops and robbers. basketball is very crowded because wrestling is no fun. we are going to have eight teams instead of the usual six. I am in the eighth group so our group is split up around with others. paul Borthwick looks very funny where he is sitting, at the front of the room in a folding chair with a small table in front of him. today mr. Thompson has to go to a meeting so we are working in our blue workbook.

English Class
today we got our book order. or we will get it in reading class.
I guess I am going to get an "F" on the writing assignment we are supposed to do tonight because it is about basketball and I don't even know how to play. I just can't do it. I am going to tell mr. stone that tomorrow when I am supposed to have it graded.
I had a very good lunch today, soup, peanut butter sandwich, lipton iced tea, milk, fritos corn chips, and chocolate pudding. I am going to transfer back to wrestling.

I feel like going out to dinner tonight. we are having fish sticks for dinner. I feel strangely cold this evening. all the tv. channels are going crazy. there isn't anything on tv. after school, absolutely nothing any good.

this evening I have been playing with my coins. I put them all in my bag and felt how heavy it was. this evening I am depressed. I don't have anything to do. I feel frustrated. I am helpless against boredom. I do have my field trip to look forward to.

I am making my calendar I got in the Dynamite magazine. It is very pretty. I also got a 3-D poster with some glasses to go with it.

I have just finished my calendar. It is very cute and my mom wanted to take it to her second graders at the school she works at. It turned out to be a picture of the sun with two eyes and the mouth cut out. one eye shows the month, the other eye shows the day of the week, and the mouth shows the day of the month. I am going to hang it somewhere in my room. my 3-D poster is really neat it uses the same principle as some of the movies when 3-D glasses were a big fad.
I have just stuck my calendar to my door, which is almost always open. I like the location very much.

I am about to go to bed. I think school is entirely too early in the morning. now I'm sure no one would mind if you went to school at ten o'clock and came home at four. I would get a lot more sleep. I am pretty hungry.
this afternoon robert came over and we played some ping-pong. we tied, each of us had won two games. we threw rocks at the thin layers of ice on the fish pond.
this evening I took the plastic covers off three of my flash cubes. I found out they work just as well without them and the covers can be used as handy little boxes to put hundreds of small things in.