February 02, 2007

Sunday, February 2, 1975
this morning when I got up I looked out my window and saw snow all over everything. unfortunately only a few inches deep. my breakfast was two pieces of peanut butter toast. after that me and jenny went out into the woods and I took six pictures. my sister is scared to death of yoyo, the dog that lives near there. I told her that he wouldn't be out on a day like this, but it turned out he was out. I think jenny is slowly overcoming her fear.
I called robbie and we went to the roller skating rink at one o'clock. we had fun and at about three o'clock, the session ends at four, we went outside and walked to the mcdonalds's right down the street. we came back as the session was coming to a close and met my sister. while we were at mc Donald's we had a big mack and a small coke each. I feel very independent when I go somewhere without my parents.

I have mostly been doing homework since we came home from the roller skating rink. my mom is watching the wide world of sports. I watched the arm wrestling championship matches. I am looking forward to the six million dollar man this evening.
today is the kind of day that makes your house seem very cozy. cold and wintry outside, nice and warm inside, you have had some fun. that's how I feel right now.

my sister is really acting strangely this evening. while I am doing my homework jenny has been continually trying to stick little pieces of tape saying kick me! I have put two examples on the preceeding page. I think this is our week for breaking dishes and glasses. first, I broke one when I used it to plug up the sink's drain, too much pressure I guess. then the next day my sister dropped one and later that evening my dad dropped one too. just this evening my dad dropped a dinner plate. we are having a delicious dinner-pot roast.

while I ate my very delicious dinner, we were watching a golf tournament on tv. it has been pouring at the place where the tournament is and they are using squeegees on the very wet greens. they are literally pushing the water off the greens. the golf tournament is in honolulu and my mom said she would love to go there before she got too old to swim. we got into a discussion of how much fun the beach is.

the six million dollar man was good tonight.
I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow. I do have my field trip on wednesday, but I'm worried about monday and tuesday.
my dad is going to have a conference with mr. lichfuss; my math teacher, about my bad grade. even though my sister is eleven years old, she still carries around a security blanket. she is very childish. she is selfish also.

I just finished watching mannix, a detective show, on tv. I wonder why the crime is always murder on detective shows.