February 04, 2007

Thursday, February 4, 1975
8:00 Before School
this morning I feel pretty good. It feels like time is waiting for me to get dressed. I have a general sense of well-being.

Geo Class
tomorrow we are going to go to the national gallery of art to see the chinese relics. I have been worried that all it will be is a bunch of artifacts in little glass cases with small white cards telling what they are. I just found out that the art will be here and in one more place in the U.S. before going back to China.

I am refreshed because I just came back from recess. at lunch I developed a new theory: a small cup of soup acts like a compass. no matter which way you turn your tray, the vegetables in the soup stay the same. It seems to me that Mr. Thompson always wears the same red suitcoat. today we are talking about cell division. I am starting to get bored. Mr. Thompson is asking us to read a note out of our notebook. here is a poem on our wall:

I play it cool
and dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive.
My motto, as I live and learn,
Did and be dug,
in return.

I am pretty sure that I will be moved to a higher color in the S.R.A. reading laborotory. so far I have gotten a perfect score on all the ones I have done.

3:00 waiting for ride
today in study hall it started snowing, hard. in fifteen minutes it covered the ground lightly. about then someone came into our room and said we could go home. I am sitting in the hall on the office bench. my dad should be here any minute. for a while there John Horton was going to go home with me and then have his mother pick him up there. one bad thing about the snow, I have one more day to wait for our field trip most of the school has cleared out now. one good thing is I have an extra day to do my homework.

when my dad got me home my mom had to go out and buy milk because we were running low. she decided not to go to the comisarry because it is too far away. I expected it to be a boring excursion when who come sup? robert! he had his mother along. me and him found out it was really pretty light outside. we started to make small snowmen. we were going to make ranks of them and pretend we were commanding an army of snowmen. we actually only made three but then we wrecked them. we went over to kiddie college and wrote our names in all the snow all over the parking lot. we went over the the playground. It was fun sliding down the slide, all the snow coming off when you go to the bottom. after robert left scott baker came and played with jenny. he had two friends with him and they were all throwing snowballs at jenny. I got a slush ball and threw it at one of them. when you get hit with slush, it hurts! not much has happened since then.

this evening I have been reading my book I got from the tab book club at school. It's called still more two minute mysteries. It is by the same person that writes the Encyclopedia Brown books. I have read all the Encyclopedia Brown books, so I know he uses a lot of the clues in both books.
this evening I found out that I don't go to school tomorrow.
I will be glad to get to bed tonight. all my joints ache when you walk in snow you always have to use more force to plow through all the snow. In general, snow is very good exercise. It is getting near midnight.
me and robert are going to make a terrarium out of my old fish bowl. It will be really neat. I may also make one out of some of our old apple cider jugs.
I will probably raise the price on my smoke bombs because I don't know whether I paid thirteen dollars or fifteen dollars for my smoke bombs. Debbie smallwood says that kids in public school would pay 25ยข for one so I will try to sell some to her. I am pretty sure I can convince her to buy from me.