February 11, 2007

Tuesday, February 11, 1975
8:30 p.m.
this morning I watched tv.

9:00, watching tv.
I watched tv. until twelve o'clock. then I fixed myself a bowl of tomato soup. It seems that there is a lot more soup when there is only one person to eat it.
I am getting lonely and tired of staying home from school all day with no one to keep me company. this evening when my mom came home, she asked me to make one more valentine's box for one first grade class. she told me that all the kids in her second grade class knew who was making the boxes but the other classes are talking about "the mystery box maker". it really makes me feel good to know that somebody appreciates what I do. I made this one to resemble an alphabet block and if you put the letter in the right order it spelled: "BMINE" or be (B) mine. I wrote this note to go with it: Dear Mrs. Schwartz (the teacher) and first graders: read the letters on the box and you will see, a message to you from me. signed: the mystery box maker.

11:00 p.m., before bed
I may wait until my mom comes home. I am going to ask her to ask the two teachers that I made valentine's boxes for to give me donation so I can buy a new battery for my big flashlight.